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IVORY COAT Lamb & Sardine Stew 400gm (12)

When you feed your dog Ivory Coat’s new tinned food for dogs, there’s no need to worry about whether you’re giving your dog the very best - their wagging tail and bright eyes will tell you everything you need to know.

If your dog can’t resist Ivory Coat’s popular range of dry food, they’ll be thrilled when you serve them this irresistible blend of chunky meat, rich gravy, veggies and vitamin-packed superfoods. It’s got everything you need to make sure your dog charges into every day happy, healthy and full of energy.

Made in Australia from all-natural, Australian-sourced ingredients

Ivory Coat work with Aussie Helpers to provide financial assistance to Australian farmers in need

Grain free and hypoallergenic recipe

Ideal for adult dogs of any weight and size

Contains superfoods with natural antioxidants, natural prebiotics for intestinal health, fibre for digestion, protein for lean muscle maintenance, plus vitamins and minerals

We know your dog will love Ivory Coat's range of wet dog food. It goes perfectly with Ivory Coat's dry dog food

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