Rider Accessories

• Unique sleeve coupling assures a strong rigid assembly.• Sure-Grip rubber moulded handle for better grip.• Available Sizes:...
Popular for dressage, these stainless steel spurs have a 35mm shank fitted with a disc rowel. Rowelled spurs...
• Braided shaft with black ferrules on the handgrip.• 120cm Long.
• Easily fitted replacement snaps for Lunge, Dressage, Driving or Training whips.
• A practical, nicely put together lunge whip with a durable handle grip.
• Well balanced driving whip with a braided fibreglass core.• Colour is Black.
• This whip is extremely strong with a moulded rubber handle.
• Classical redhide stockwhip with plaited handgrip on a strong cane handle.• These economical whips are an ideal...
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