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CDM MF Pro Kit

Scratches, dew poisoning, mud fever, greasy heel...

no matter what you call it, these sores and scabs on the heels and legs of your equine friend are painful. Caused by wet and muddy conditions, horses legs become sore and irritated by the constant moisture and subsequent invasion of bacteria and skin mites. To help combat this uncomfortable condition, Carr & Day & Martin now offers the MF Pro Kit.

Kit contains:

Comprehensive instruction booklet, Antibacterial Cleanser, Horse Care Sponge, Soothing Antibacterial and Anti-fungal Balm, Professional Leg Wrap, Protective Salve Barrier.

Step 1 – Antibacterial Cleanser and Horse Care Sponge

Wash with Antibacterial Cleanser and Sponge. The gentle pH neutral cleanser helps to soften and lift scabs.

Step 2- Soothing Balm and Professional Leg Wrap

Apply a generous layer of Soothing Balm to irritated skin, followed by the Leg Wrap and warm bandage on top. Leave overnight for best results.

Step 3 – Protective Salve Barrier

Waterproof salve protects vulnerable areas. Specially formulated using mineral greases and citronella.