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Hound House Heat Pad including transformer 41cm x 36cm

Houndhouse Heat Pad For Bed And Kennel Is A Simple And Effective Way To Keep Your

  • Pet Warm In The Cold Winter Months.
  • This heat mat is perfect for keeping your pet warm and happy during winter.
  • The heated mat is covered in heavy duty canvas which is very strong and durable.
  • A corner of the mat has tie cords which can be used to attach the mat to your kennel.
  • Your pet can self-regulate the warmth by moving on or off the heat mat – reduces risk of overheating – if the pet gets too warm, they simply move away.
  • The heat pad is thermostatically controlled to regulate warmth from an ambient temperature to a top of 33-40 degrees celsius.
  • The mat will heat up within approx. 5 min of switching on.
  • The mat will feel slightly warm to touch – it then attains most of its heat when the pet is sleeping on it.
  • Includes a separate plug in power transformer.
  • The heat mat cord is plugged into the adaptor, and then the adaptor is plugged into the electrical outlet.
  • A power cord approx. 30cm long – runs from mat to power pack – this cord is enclosed in a firm casing.
  • The transformer has a 1.5m long cable, from the heating pad to the 12V power pack with an input of 110-240 volts standard electrics.
  • Fits under your pet's mat or bedding.
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth when switched off.
  • Perfect for pets of all sizes