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Kelato Hoofprime 1ltr

Cracked, dry hooves, lost flexibility, flaky hooves, concussion injuries, hoof absesses, poor structure, hoof wall weakness can all be treated by HoofPRIME – a special formula that penetrate and nourish, clean and protect your horses hooves through a range of restorative, protective, antibacterial and antifungal ingredients.

In dry conditions the hoof becomes cracked and brittle. The regular use of HoofPRIME keeps the hoof strong and flexible. This flexibility allows the hoof to more fully absorb the shock from exercise on hard ground and therefore helps to protect the leg from injury.

In wet conditions the hoof may absorb too much water and become soft. HoofPRIME’s oils act as a water barrier to help prevent this, ensuring the hoof remains in good condition.

HoofPRIME contains a number of high quality oils, phenol, venice turpentine, iodine and other natural ingredients to nourish and protect.


– Does not seal the hoof, but allows it to breathe for better hoof health.

– Can be used in dry or wet conditions.– Needs only be applied every second day

– cuts costs and your time in half.

– Its is both an antibacterial and antifungal treatment

– protecting the inside of the hoof from nasty bugs that may enter through microcracks in the hoof wall, causing infections such as hoof absesses.