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WashBar Paw Balm - Kanuka + Repair 50ml Tin -28015

Washbar Paw Balm is amazing stuff. Does your dog lick and gnaw at their paws? They might be dry and itchy.
It is very important that your dog’s paws are kept in good condition, moisturized and free of cracks to prevent infection.
Amazingly this product is also great for humans with dry cracked heels, elbows and lips. All the ingredients are human grade.
Many things can cause skin damage and a great deal of discomfort to your dog’s paws. Does your dog lick and gnaw at their paws? They might be dry and itchy.
The WashBar Paw Balm 50ml tin of ointment helps relieve the discomfort, repair the damage, moisturize and nourish the skin on your dogs paws.
Other extreme weather conditions like snow and ice can be just as damaging to dogs’ paws, as road grit and salt can cause pads to become dry, cracked and ultimately infected. In summer the extreme heat on dark pavements or sand can also damage dogs paws.
If your dogs has cut or burnt paws, this dog paw balm can really help with healing and soothing. Ideal for dogs caught in a bush fire or working dogs like rescue dogs or police dogs.
Everyday wear and tear takes its toll on your dogs paws. WashBar paw balm repairs and restores rough and dry skin on dog’s feet (and other places like their elbows or any dry skin areas) and helps prevent or relieve infection.