Brun Breastplate & Trace Combo

The Brun Breastplate combines breastplate and traces all in one. This enables the breastplate to be used in both single and pair combinations. To convert from single to pair, simply fit a pair of Breastplate to Saddle Fittings through the loop on each side of the breastplate. This model also features a padded wither strap, retainer strap and swivel rein drops. Traces are 32mm (1 1/4") wide. A choice of two vehicle connection couplers are available:- Buckle Combo or Multi Trace Coupler. The soft padding on the 8.5cm (3 1/3") wide bearing surface has rounded edges for the horse's comfort. This padding is detachable, and colour trim may be fitted to suit individual requirements. Traces can be shortened by simply cutting accross the segmented stitching between the holes. Length (Centre of chest to end of trace): 195cm (76 3/4") Pony Size