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Classic Bridle

This bridle has a padded headpiece, designed to reduce poll pressure. It features an independent noseband that adjusts from the cheeks on each side. This reduces the number of straps over the poll. The blinds are round in shape, and can be made more open or closed (as required) by bending the wire stays. This improved design includes a neater, more streamlined appearance to the stays, and deeper blinker cups to allow better clearance to the eyes. The noseband for Cob, Full and Extra Full Size bridles feature a double buckle adjustment and padded chin rest. The Pony bridle is a finer, single buckle strap, which is more suited to a smaller, more delicate face. All nosebands come with a removable flash strap. The bridle comes standard with decorative rosettes and a plain browband and decorative rosettes. It may also be ordered with plain rosettes, clincher browband or a choice of coloured browbands. Talk to your Zilco stockist for further details about options available.

Pony Size