Classic Tandem Leader

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Classic - the popular original Zilco harness for all types of driving. Equally at home in the dressage arena, the toughest of marathon courses, or simply a pleasure day out. Light to carry, yet tremendously strong. Stainless steel fittings throughout Soft waffle lined bearing surfaces on the saddle Wither strap with hanging rein ring and brake strap Choice of different trace endings and lengths to suit different types of carriages Independent hanging noseband with detachable flash strap Quick Release style tugs supplied as standard Detachable colour trim can be fitted to the breastplate along with matching colour browbands to suit marathon colours This set contains the parts for the Tandem leader horse, PLUS tandem terrets and roger rings. Simply purchase a Classic Single harness for the Tandem wheeler horse, and use the tandem terrets and roger rings supplied with this set to convert it. Note: This is the standard set configuration. For non-standard set options, please contact our sales office or your nearest stockist. Tandem Leader Harness - Black Pony Size