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Tedex Saddle

Tedex saddles are built on a steel tree and are fitted with high density adjustable saddle pads that can be positioned to suit each horse's individual shape, providing an optimum fit. This is a sliding backband style saddle, designed for use with two-wheeled vehicles, or four wheeled vehicles that have rigid fixed shafts. The design allows the backband to slide freely. This has a self-balancing effect on the shafts to give a more comfortable ride for both horse and passengers. The backband can also be locked into position when free movement is not required (eg: when using a different vehicle with independent shafts). This is done by fitting a neat Conway Buckle (sold separately), which sits below the terret on each side of the backband to restrict the sliding movement. Length (Minimum): 102cm (40") Length (Centre): 120cm (47 1/4") Length (Maximum): 138cm (54 1/3") Width: 100mm (4") Shetland Size